The NAMI Scholarship Foundation is an organization founded in 1995 to recognize exceptional undergraduate students pursuing degrees in Animal, Meat, Food Sciences or Culinary Arts. The goal of the Foundation is to collect donations and establish a self-perpetuating endowment that will fund scholarships well into the 21st Century, recognizing that the students of today will be the meat scientists and future leaders of the industry tomorrow.

Scholarships are merit based and presented annually to accomplished students pursuing education that will lead to a career in the meat industry. Many scholarships are named after important industry icons including Frank DeBenedetti, Al Piccetti, Lou Gast, Florence Smith Powers and a special scholarship for the culinary arts named after Robert Hatoff.

The Foundation is overseen by a dedicated group of board members that volunteer their time and efforts. They work in close collaboration with volunteers on the scholarship selection committee. The Scholarship Foundation is very grateful to the review committee which consists of Dr. Robert Delmore, Colorado State University; Dr. John Henson, Fresno State University; Ron Richard, University of Idaho; Dr. Jeff Sindalar, University of Wisconsin; Dr. Janeal Yancey, University of Arkansas.

The NAMI Scholarship Foundation is pleased to present the following undergraduates with scholarships for the 2017-2018 school year.

The winners include:

Frank DeBenedetti Scholarship: Jessie VanBuren, University of Idaho
Florence Smith Powers Scholarship: Madison Comes, Colorado State University
Bobby Hatoff Scholarship: Carson Moreland, Culinary Institute of America
John Duyn Scholarship: Cole Perkins, Texas Tech University
Al Piccetti Scholarship: Jacob Tuell, Purdue University
Rosemary Mucklow Scholarship: Shelby Schiefelbein, Texas A&M University

General Scholarship:
Kirby Bohls, Texas A&M University
Terrell Platt, Colorado State University
Isaac Riley, University of Idaho
Elizabeth Zuber, Iowa State University
Tyler Madison Roberts, Texas A & M University

Brian Klopf, Iowa State University, B.S. Food Science
Brogan Horton, Texas A & M University, B.A. Animal Science
Cole Perkins, Texas Tech University, B.A. Animal/Meat Science
Kierstan Dawn, Texas Tech University, B.A. Animal Science
Austin Hunt, Colorado State University, B.S. Animal Science/Ag Business
Monique Allen, Kennesaw State University, B.S. Culinary Sustainability
Jeananne Mosher, Colorado State University, B.S. Animal Science
Luke Fuerniss, Colorado State University, B.S. Animal Science
Megan Weinrich, Colorado State University, B.A. Animal Science

Laura Gorecki, University of Nebraska, B.A. Animal Science
Elizabeth Kopp, University of Wisconsin, B.S. Food Science
Erin Beyer, Texas Tech, B.S. Meat Science and Food Science
Ashley Moyna, Iowa State University, B.S. Culinary Science
Ty Sexton, Iowa State University, B.S. Ag Systems Technology Minor Meat Science
Brian Patterson, Iowa State University, B.S. Veterinary Science
Maggie Reynolds, University of Idaho, B.S. Animal & Veterinary Science & Agribusiness
Cameron Bardsley, Brigham Young University, B.S. Food Science
Breanna Branderhorst, Iowa State University, B.S. Ag Education

Adam Robert, Bartling University of Wisconsin
April Lee, Nicholls State University
Caitlyn Mullins, Ohio State University
Aeriel Belk, Colorado State University
McKensie Harris, University of Wyoming
Justin Parkins, University of Idaho
Patrick Linnell, Colorado State University
Miriam Martin, University of Missouri
Fred William Pohlman II, University of Arkansas
Courtney Spencer, University of Missouri
Emilee Haubner, Texas A&M University
Seth Ellsworth, Brigham Young University



The Scholarship Foundation is seeking to recognize the best and brightest undergraduates majoring in Meat or Poultry Science, Animal Science or Culinary Arts and Science. The Foundation wants to provide the financial support to continue their studies and become the future of the meat industry. The Following Scholarships are available. Each scholarship award is $5000.

  • Frank DeBenedetti Memorial Scholarship
  • Al Piccetti Scholarship
  • John Duyn Scholarship
  • Florence Smith Powers Scholarship
  • Rosemary Mucklow Scholarship
  • NAMI Merit Scholarship
  • Robert Hatoff “Center of the Plate” Scholarship (Culinary Arts and Sciences only)


To Apply

Thank you for your interest in applying for an NAMI Scholarship Application. The application period closed on May 30, 2017. Applications are currently under review and winners will be contacted by September 1, 2017.

Applications for the 2018/19 school year will be available in April 2018.

For questions and information contact:

Anne Halal
NAMI Scholarship Foundation
Phone: (202) 587-4230

Mail: NAMI Scholarship Foundation, 1150 Connecticut Avenue, NW, 12th Floor, Washington, DC 20036.