2015-2016 Scholarship Recipients

The NAMI Scholarship Foundation is pleased to announce in September 2015 the undergraduates chosen as recipients of scholarship grants for the 2015-2016 academic year and they were presented DC by NAMI Scholarship President Ron Gustafson at the NAMI Annual Meeting held in Washington, DC in November 2015.

The winners were:

Laura Gorecki, University of Nebraska B.A. Animal Science
Elizabeth Kopp, University of Wisconsin B.Sc. Food Science
Erin Beyer, Texas TechB.Sc. Meat Science and Food Science
Ashley Moyna, Iowa State University B. Sc. Culinary Science
Ty Sexton, Iowa State University B. Sc. Ag Systems Technology Minor Meat Science
Brian Patterson, Iowa State University B.Sc. Veterinary Science
Maggie Reynolds, University of Idaho B. Sc. Animal & Veterinary Science & Agribusiness
Cameron Bardsley, Brigham Young University B. Sc. Food Science
Breanna Branderhorst, Iowa State University B. Sc. Ag Education

These $2,250 to $2,500 merit-based awards are presented annually to undergraduate students studying animal/meat/food science and considering a career in the meat industry. One Robert Hatoff “Center of the Plate” Memorial Scholarship is also awarded to a student pursing a degree in Culinary Art/Science.

The Scholarship Foundation would like to extend its gratitude to the scholarship review committee, which consisted of Dr. Robert Delmore, Colorado State University; Dr. John Henson, Fresno State University; Ron Richard, University of Idaho; Dr. Jeff Sindelar, University of Wisconsin; Shane Osterthaler, Engelhart Gourmet Foods.